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Handpainted Pillow – Goldfish November 20, 2010

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This goldfish is actually my fish and her name is Felicity. She is beautiful and I really wanted to make a pillow of her. The back of the pillow is brown and it has a green cording around. The color combination of brown and green gives somewhat calming and serene feelings to the pillow.

100% organic cotton for front and back
used only non-toxic paints
YKK zipper


2 Responses to “Handpainted Pillow – Goldfish”

  1. audra Says:

    pretty! i really like your work and wish i had the extra money to purchase! : )

    • nagisawada Says:

      Thank you! I know these hand-painted pillows are pretty pricey 😉 But it just takes a long time to make and it’s my one-of-the-kind art work…please forgive me. But I am trying to design my own fabrics and when I get my designs printed, I will make pillows with them! And of course if will be much more affordable too!

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