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Kids Tote Bag January 29, 2011

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I had a left over fabric from a pillow that I made, so I decided to make a little tote bag for kids.


Girls Dress January 27, 2011

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I found a website that shows how to make many cute handmade items from another Japanese textile designer Naomi Ito’s “naniIRO”

SO I tried one of the dresses. I used Amy Butler’s “Midwest Modern Nouveau Trees Tangerine”. I originally bought the fabric to make a pillow but I thought the fabric was too light and it’s perfect for a dress for little girls!


エイミー・バットラーのMidwest Modern Nouveau Trees Tangerineの生地を使って子供用ドレスを作ってみました!元々クッション用に買った布だったのですが少し薄すぎ、持て余していたのですが、ドレスにはぴったりでした。可愛らしい丸いポケットも付いています!

It has a little round pocket too! CUTE!


Custom Order Pillow Covers January 23, 2011

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Here are other custom order pillow covers for kids. I also used echino fabrics!


Custom order pillow covers

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I love “echino” fabrics designed by Etsuko Furuya, a young (not sure how old she is…) Japanese textile designer. Her colors are so bright and her design is very unique . I don’t find anything like her design anywhere! I used her textile for Ba-pacs also. Her fabrics make me want to design my own fabric! Maybe in the future I will 🙂

若手の日本人テキスタイルデザイナー(年齢は分からないのですが、若いと見た・・・)古家悦子さんのブランド”echino”がとても気に入っています。繊細な色とユニークなデザイン。 彼女のデザインは他のデザイナーの生地には見ることが出来ません。 彼女の生地はBa-Pacにも使用しました。 私も自分の生地をデザインしたいなあ~と思わせてくれる作品です。 いつか出来たらいいですね!


Custom made Ba-Pac for 4 yo January 12, 2011

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I received an order for two Ba-Pacs, one is the purple one and the other one is for her 4 yo in yellow. So I tried to make bigger one with two side pockets!

It came out nice and I think I will make more in the future!


New Website to purchase Makura products January 5, 2011

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I made a new website for Makura where you can purchase some items beside Etsy! Please check it out!




Ba-Pac, a backpack for a 2-year-old

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I made 6 Ba-Pacs. They are perfect for small people like 2 yo. I was looking for a backpack but I only found ones that were for 4 yo+. I think those are good if the child is carrying notebooks and pens for school, but for 2 yo, they need something smaller and not so complicated (just simple one zipper) ones. They need to carry some toy cars and plastic necklaces and maybe a sippy cup!