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Kids Shopping Bag February 18, 2011

Filed under: Kids Stuff,Uncategorized — Nagisa Wada @ 4:45 pm

I want to make children shopping bags for pretend plays. The kid can put toy veggies and fruits or even toy cars! No zipper and easy to put things in and easy to take them out! Very simple and a right size for small people! This prototype I made is for my friend’s son who is very into McQueen!



2 Responses to “Kids Shopping Bag”

  1. Aiko Says:


  2. nagisawada Says:

    アイ子お嬢様には無料で作るわよ~☆ 一応これ個人的なブログなので値段はつけてないのよ~非売品もあるので(特にキャラ系・・・売っていいのかしら?)

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