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Makura is Making Bags for Children in Japan April 24, 2011

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Makura is making little bags to carry gym clothes for children in Tohoku Japan. They will be sent to the organization in Japan who is giving handmade bags to children who lost their homes and living supplies. Please let me know if you also would like to make something for them, I will give you more information. There are a couple of links about the organizer (sorry in Japanese only!)



2 Responses to “Makura is Making Bags for Children in Japan”

  1. midori K Says:


  2. nagisawada Says:

    いやいや、そんな大げさなものじゃないんだけどね;) いっぱい余り布があるし。 まあ無理をせずに自分が出来ることをするのが一番いいね!

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